Street Closures - Starting August 28th

Street Closures - Starting August 28th

Friday, 25 April 2014

Bellerive Acres will be having the village streets sealed (similar to sealing an asphalt driveway) during the last week of August and the first week of September. The sealing will be done in 6 separate work days during these two weeks.

- On the day of sealing in front of their driveway, residents will not be able to drive on the street to allow the resurfacing material to set and dry. Each resident will not be able to use their driveway for approximately 24 hours during this process

- Each area to be sealed will be blocked off at approximately 6AM on the day of resurfacing and will be reopened at approximately 6 AM the next day

- Cars can be parked on the street outside of the sealing area on the day of sealing

- Emergency vehicles will have access to streets for emergencies

- Police patrols will be increased during the resurfacing days

- Friday trash service will be suspended during the resurfacing

- Any weather delays will push the schedule day to day

- Information during the resurfacing will be posted at the Flag Island and on including any information about weather delays

- For questions please call Trustees Mike Jones (314-496-7984) or Don Morice (956-0554)

Week 1 – August 28, 29, 30

- Day 1 (Wed) – Entrance to #21. Only the East half of the street from the entrance to the flag island

- Day 2 (Thursday) - #21 to #33 including the small Island

- Day 3 (Fri) - #33 to 49 and #34 to #36 (between the butterfly island and the small island)

Week 2 – September 4,5,6

- Day 4 (Wed) - #49 to #67 including the butterfly island

- Day 5 (Thurs) - #67 to # 74 including the west side of Floyd’s Island

- Day 6 (Fri) – The west side of the entrance down to #85 including the east side of Floyd’s island