Administrative Offices:

3915 Roland Blvd.

Pasadena Hills, MO  63121

Phone:  (314) 305-6731


Business Hours:  Mon, Wed, Thur 11am - 2pm 

(*** Closed Thurs 12/14/23 ***)



Non Emergency:

Option 1: Call Normandy City Hall, 314-385-3300.  When the recording comes on, press 1 for the Normandy Police Department.  If someone is there, they will pick up.  

Option 2:  If no one is in the Police Dept. Office at Normandy, another recording will come on.  This one will direct you to call  636-529-8210, Dispatch for Normandy Police (as well as other police departments).   Someone answers this phone 24/7.  This person will take your message and have Normandy Police call you back right away.