The following Information is to guide elected city officials through the NIMS training process.


What is NIMS?

NIMS is short for the National Incident Management System. FEMA has provided the NIMS independent study system so that elected officals can read the information, take the tests and get certified.

Which NIMS Courses Do I have to Take?

The exact NIMS course will depend on what is required by current state regulations and how long it has been since your last NIMS certification. If you have questions about which NIMS training you are missing, please contact the city administrator.

How do I take A NIMS Course?

1. Go the web site

2. Select the appropriate NIMS training course that you require

3.With the course selected, select "Take This Course" on the right hand column

4.After completing the course, you will be prompted to "Take Final Exam Online"

5.Once the Exam is completed and your score is high enough, all FDA employees must email a copy of their course completion certificate to the agency NIMS coordinator at